8 октября 2013 года Godus обновилась до версии beta v1.3.1 .

Список изменений/ ИсправленийПравить

1.3.1 Исправление ошибокПравить

  • Фермеры теперь признают область и Местожительство как их собственное
  • Crash fix for game hanging on Mac on start-up
  • Chests will always reward cards
  • Fixed a crash caused by loading the game while a storm was occurring
  • Damaged Abodes will not have a Belief bubble
  • Fixed Advanced cards disappearing from Scrapbook
  • Settlement vision radius increased for Followers to see available jobs
  • Land Expansion Shrines are now repairable at sea level
  • Roads no longer go through farms
  • Scrapbook content page will update your era progress
  • Fixed repeating notification sound when you complete 20/20 of the Mount of the Gods

1.3.1 Известные проблемыПравить

  • Версия для Windows будет иногда терпеть крах с "s3e_debug_simulator" ошибкой
  • Иногда Mac-версия будет загружаться с текстурными ошибками
  • Иногда Mac-версия будет запускать HardLock после 30 минут бездействия
  • Looks like there are two cards spinning over Land Expansion Shrines
  • Land expansion shrine has no scaffolding
  • Difficult to see if Farms are selected to be moved with Town Planning
  • Lens flare from beams remains on Shrines
  • Special Followers will sometimes play female Follower sprog sound FX
  • Named Followers are randomly assigned a gender
  • Some VFX are not affected by nighttime
  • GODUS icon is low resolution
  • The final paragraph in the scrapbook does not fade in
  • Cannot quit game when cards are on-screen
  • Wheat is static in the wind
  • Roads to farms do not always appear
  • Statue of Speed FX can appear overblown
  • Sometimes there is an audio bug when returning to Homeworld mid-Multiplayer battle
  • Info bubble for a Settlement will sometimes not appear if the info bubble is already open on another Settlement
  • Sometimes the Wheat icon will be transparent in the Settlement info bubble
  • Champions drown with too much of their body out of the swamp
  • Followers are not distracted by sculpting when returning home
  • If Followers are very far from the Totem, they could get stuck while navigating
  • The system mouse cursor will appear along with the GODUS cursor at the top of the screen
  • Quitting from Multiplayer will give the other player rewards