Beta v2.0.1 Updates

  • Crash fix when first placing a Settlement.
  • “Checkerboard” graphical glitch now has a workaround. Turn “Disable Buffers” ON in the Options menu if you experience this glitch.
  • Placing a statue, including Settlements, no longer requires you to hold the card, only click!
  • Fix for Followers not working after returning from Events.
  • New and improved balance in belief generation and cost.

Beta v2.0.1 Known Issues

  • Occasional crash in the Sculpting Tutorial for Mac users
  • Sculpting Tutorial is sometimes missing land. Restarting the game will fix this issue.
  • First time loading the game offline will crash. You can still play offline if you first launch while online.
  • The Steam overlay does not appear when GODUS is in full screen
  • The GODUS icon is pixelated on Windows
  • Some images are currently placeholder in info screens
  • Breeders in Abode info screens are blue instead of pink
  • When greyed out, the OK button on the Voyage of Discovery bidding screen will move the slider
  • Friendship card info is blank
  • The award for the Voyage of Discovery has a placeholder image
  • The belief bar will still be visible in a Voyage of Discovery map even when no Belief is needed
  • Sometimes there will be graphical glitches after placing roads in a Settlement
  • Some God Powers are missing information
  • Belief counter in Settlements info screen is incorrect
  • Various text alignment issues
  • The reward alert for Arctic Expedition incorrectly reads “NONE”
  • Story mode and Versus mode are disabled