Known IssuesПравить

  • Freezing upon quitting the game.
  • Meteor will sometimes leave behind small pieces of land that are unsculptable.
  • (Mac only) Belief button will appear faded out at the beginning of the tutorial before belief unlock.


  • Balance improvements, including reduction building times.
  • The more fields/mines you have, the higher your per hour rate will be. For example, building additional mines/farms will increase the overall rate at which you generate ore/wheat. The more mines/farms you build, the faster you will level up.
  • Fields and mines further from the Settlement are less efficient than those within a Settlement because farmers have to walk further.
  • Fields, mines and abodes built inside a Settlement do not cost any resources to build however if you build outside a Settlement, it costs resources. The cost is displayed on the empty plots.

Bug FixesПравить

  • Crash on start up
  • Crash when hitting "Return to home" on voyages
  • Finger of God causes red grapgic issues
  • Return to Civilization button disappears upon abandoning chcallenges