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Abodes are the dwellings your Followers build and live in. They serve three important purposes:

  • In Abodes that are neither empty nor full, Followers procreate, increasing the population of your civilization.
  • The Followers inside generate Belief up to a certain maximum amount, which they periodically make available to you in pink bubbles that appear above the Abodes.
  • You can release Followers from Abodes that are sufficiently full, who can then perform tasks such as building new Abodes, Mining, or repairing Shrines.

Building Abodes[]

Abodes are built by Followers on Plots. A plot is a section of flat, unobstructed land identified by four light gray angled brackets. To clear a plot, remove any trees or rocks in the way and use Sculpt Land to create a flat area of sufficient size. Any exploring Followers, meaning any not engaged in another task, that are sufficiently close will begin building on a nearby plot provided they don't notice something more pressing, like a Shrine to repair. If no Followers are nearby, you can release some from nearby Abodes if any are full enough and/or guide Followers to the plot using Leashing. Depending on the plot rank and upgrade level of your Abodes, only so X many Followers will work on a single plot.


Plots can occur on any flat piece of terrain

Abode ranks[]

At first, only the smallest rank 1 plots will be formed by flattening land and clearing obstacles, and only rank 1 Abodes can be built on these plots. As you acquire and unlock certain Advance Cards, clearing land may mark off larger, higher rank plots. Plots that have not been moved will automatically increase in rank when there is enough clear land. Higher ranked Abodes are capable of holding more Followers and Belief than lower rank Abodes, but there is a trade off - higher-ranked Abodes must build up more Belief before it becomes available for collection.

In the homeworld[]


For the smallest abode, in the home-world three followers can build upon the plot. As you move up in the size of the plot more followers can build on that plot.

Full Abodes[]

When an abode's Breeder capacity is full, the abode will produce a Builder. Builders are used to construct new abodes on empty Plots, either nearby their original abode for free, or by Leashing the abode to get the builder to travel great distances.


When an empty plot is nearby the builder icon will appear above an abode

Unlocking higher ranks[]

To unlock higher ranks of buildings you must create more followers and unlock the bigger abodes from the timeline.

Abode upgrades[]

In addition to unlocking higher ranks, some Monuments also unlock more housing slots.

Abode types (Homeworld)[]

Order Name Size Followers Max Belief Belief / Hour Terrain Unlocking Requirements
1 Shelter 1 2 Followers none none Sand Find the promised land
2 Beach Hut 1 2 Followers 40 Belief 72 Belief Sand New Age Shelters (10 Population / 1 Construction)
3 Grass Hut 1 3 Followers 60 Belief 79 Belief Grass Settle On Grass (30 Population / 2 Construction)
4 Grass Cabin 2 5 Followers 100 Belief 108 Belief Grass Bigger Abodes (60 Population / 5 Construction)
5 Wooden Hut 2 5 Followers 75 Belief 93 Belief Sand Wood-Built Abodes (180 Population / 12 Construction)
6 Wooden Lodge 3 8 Followers 550 Belief 108 Belief Grass Larger Abodes (8 Field / 18 Construction)
7 Wooden Cabin 3 8 Followers 375 Belief 93 Belief Sand Spacious Abodes (480 Population / 24 Construction)
8 Wooden Cottage 4 10 Followers 900 Belief 108 Belief Grass Luxury Abodes (75 Field / 24 Construction)
9 Mountain Lodge 3 12 Followers 1500 Belief 288 Belief Rock Next Age Abodes (650 Population / 30 Construction)
10 Mountain Cottage 4 14 Followers 1800 Belief 288 Belief Rock Beautiful Cottage (1000 Population / 36 Construction)
11 Mountain Farmhouse 5 18 Followers 2500 Belief 288 Belief Rock Huge Stone Residence (20 Mine / 48 Construction)
12 Mountain Manor 6 22 Followers 7000 Belief 288 Belief Rock Enormous Property (100 Mine / 48 Construction)

Adobe Types (Weyworld)[]


  • Frontier Architecture is required to unlock all frontier types.
    • Before: all adobes built are beach types.
    • After: all adobes built are frontier types.
  • Terrain height has no effect.
  • Terrain type affects only building appearance. (exceptions: Monasteries and Hallowed Ground)
Name Size Followers Max Belief Belief / Hour
Beach Hut 1 2 Followers 40 Belief 71 Belief
Beach Cabin 2 5 Followers 75 Belief 93 Belief
Beach Lodge 3 8 Followers 375 Belief 93 Belief
Frontier Hut 1 2 Followers 80 Belief 143 Belief
Frontier Cabin 2 5 Followers 200 Belief 143 Belief
Frontier Cottage 3 8 Followers 750 Belief 143 Belief
Frontier Lodge 4 14 Followers 1350 Belief 143 Belief
Frontier Farmhouse 5 18 Followers 2500 Belief 143 Belief
Frontier Manor 6 22 Followers 7000 Belief 143 Belief

In Game[]


Name Size Picture Timeline Stats Astari Counterpart
Shelter 1 Shelter.png Unlocked before timeline is used Not possible
Beach Hut 1 BeachHut.png BeachHutInfo.png AstariBeachHut.png
Grass Hut 1 GrassHut.png GrassHutInfo.png AstariGrassHut.png
Grass Cabin 2 GrassCabin.png GrassCabinInfo.png AstariGrassCabin.png
Wooden Hut 2 WoodenHut.png WoodenHutInfo.png AstariWoodenHut.png
Wooden Lodge 3 WoodenLodge.png WoodenLodgeInfo.png
Wooden Cabin 3 WoodenCabinIngame.png WoodenCabinInfo.png AstariWoodenCabin.png
Wooden Cottage 4 WoodenCottageinGame.png WoodenCottageInfo.png
Mountain Lodge 3 MountainLodge.png MountainLodgeInfo.png
Mountain Cottage 4 MountainCottage.png MountainCottageInfo.png
Mountain Farmhouse 5 MountainFarmhouse.png MountainFarmhouseInfo.png
Mountain Manor 6 MoutainManorInfo.png


All abodes in Weyworld will be sand layer abodes until the Frontier Architecture card is unlocked

Name Size Picture Timeline Stats Astari Counterpart
Frontier Hut 1 FrontierHut.png NA
Frontier Cabin 2 FrontierCabin.png NA
Frontier Cottage 3 FrontierCottage.png NA
Frontier Lodge 4 FrontierLodge.png NA
Frontier Farmhouse 5 NA
Frontier Manor 6 NA
Verdant Hut 1 VerdantHut.png NA
Verdant Cabin 2 VerdantCabin.png NA
Verdant Cottage 3 VerdantCottage.png NA
Verdant Lodge 4 VerdantLodge.png NA
Rugged Hut 1 RuggedHut.png NA
Rugged Cabin 2 RuggedCabin.png NA
Rugged Cottage 3 RuggedCottage.png NA
Rugged Lodge 4 RuggedLodge.png NA