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Battles are matches that take place either against the computer or another player on a separate map. They come in three types:

In all three types of battle, a player win's immediately when the enemy's civilization is completely destroyed, being the "last man standing."

Fighting the computer[edit | edit source]

Battles against AI players are fought at the Mount of the Gods (Removed from the game) event, unlocked by repairing the Temple of Battles. To start one, merely click on the repaired temple. There are only a limited number of matches available: ten fought during the Primitive Age and ten fought during the Bronze Age. The AI players hold conversations in a pre-game lobby and have personalities of fictitious players before inviting you to fight them. These are different in that you do not get to choose the map or battle type, but you do get to choose how many Followers you start with. These battles can reward any type of card. Many will award specific God Cards and/or Advance Cards, the latter needed to progress in the game. They also typically award two or three random Resource Cards.

Fighting other players[edit | edit source]

Multiplayer battles are unlocked by repairing the Temple of Multiplayer and started by clicking on it. Currently, you can only play against others on your Steam Friends List. These battles typically award the Multiplayer Opponent God Card and three random Resource Cards. Due to the number of resource cards needed and the fact that there are a limited number of Chests and Gems available on the reachable map, most players will find multiplayer is necessary to advance through the ages.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Gameplay in battles is similar to that of the main game, except you have an opponent and it is faster-paced. Abodes are built and generate Belief and Followers more quickly, though abodes of rank four or higher do not raise flags and allow you to release Followers. Instead, these larger abodes generate large amounts of Belief quickly. Followers will fight enemy followers and attack enemy abodes when they come into proximity. Some God powers have lower Belief costs in battles.