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A view of blighted land in a homeworld

Blighted land is swamp land that severely slows down Followers trying to pass through it. It exists naturally in some locations on your homeworld. It can also be created in multiplayer battles by using the Swamp god power. It can be cleaned up by using the Beautify god power.

Uses Blighted Land is commonly used in Adventures; as you venture through hand-crafted maps by the developers you will have to jump through hoops and dodge obstacles, a simple but deadly obstacle is commonly known as the Blighted Land, as your followers hit this Blighted Land, they will slow down, take ill, and eventually (about 4 seconds) will fall to the ground, and take their final breath. Blighted Land in Adventure Mode is not removable yet, (10/08/2014)- obviously because it is a obstacle It is used in exploration mode It can also be used to trap astari