This page or section refers to content that was removed from the game.

Type: Science Card
Number: 16
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Period: Growth Period
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Calendar card

Calendar is a Growth Period Science Card that enables a day/night cycle in the game.

Acquisition and unlocking[]

The card is acquired upon winning the first battle in the Mount of the Gods event..

Unlocking this card requires:

Card text[]

Now that your followers understand time, they will form routines for different times of day and night.


Effect: Day/Night Cycle unlocked in Homeworld

Leads to: ???

In many early civilizations calendar systems were developed. The Sumerian calendar (c 2000 BC) based on 12 lunar months of 29 or 30 days is considered the origin of todays Gregorian calendar. The first recorded calendar was a lunar calendar in Aberdeenshire, Scotland dating from around 8000 BC.


It is not clear if this has any immediate effect beyond the obvious visual day/night cycle that begins after unlocking this card. In the Bronze Age, farmers only collect Wheat during the day.