Cards are the way in which players of Godus advance their Followers through the Ages. There are numerous ways in which cards can be gained these being, exploring the land and opening Chests, playing the Mount of the Gods, through the Temple of Multiplayer as well as automatically receiving them by reaching certain periods of the game or Milestones.

Currently there are four main types of cards these being Technology Cards (which come in various types), God Cards (again which come as several types) and Resource Cards.

It is known that when the v1.4 patch is released Recourse Cards will be replaced entirely by Stickers which aims to rectify the known problem with these cards which is you cannot assign them to certain Technology Cards meaning the game could have you working on several at once when you may only want to focus on unlocking one specific card.

God CardsEdit

(for full details see God Powers)
These are the main powers you wield as a God using them to reign destruction down on your enemies as well as to help, defend, protect or even smite your Followers.

God PowersEdit

These are the powers which allow you to control your Followers as well as reign down powers on your people and enemies. A set number of them are available on the scroll screen in game, these being:

Name Icon Name Icon Name Icon
Sculpt Land ScultLandPower1 Activate/Deactivate Totem ActivateTotemPower1 Place Totem MoveTotemPower1
Settlement SettlementPower1 Finger of God FingerofGodPower1 Statue of Speed StatueofSpeedPower1
Beautify BeautifyPower1 Champion ChampionPower1 Statue of Exploration
Swamp SwampPower1 Meteor Strike MeteorStrikePower1 Armageddon
Temple of Healing Temple of Happiness Statue of Fertility
Earthquake Tidal Wave Tornado

Here are all of the God Powers you can use on your people available in game.

Name Card Description Ability
Armageddon Not yet released. At the Call of Armageddon all Followers in the land meet for an all-out war in the name of their god. Here population is the key to success. Summons Followers to attack.
Beautify BeautifyCard Remove blighted land from your landscape by dragging your cursor across it and watching it bloom into health. Beautification
Finger of God FingerofGodCard Use your giant finger to flick or squish Followers, remove Abodes or even set fire to trees. Crushing Ability.
Meteor Strike MeteorCard Drag the mouse down to unleash a fireball from the sky.
Rain of Purity RainofPurityCard Not yet released. Use your mouse to create clouds. Put out fires and boost your growth of crops and trees.
Swamp SwampCard Place a swamp on the land as a trap for enemy Followers. Swamp.
Tidal Wave Not yet released. Click and drag up from the sea to create a tidal wave. Then drag it in the direction of the shore you want to obliterate. Tidal Wave.
Tornado Not yet released. Click and drag a spiral on the land to conjure the winds into a tornado that blows away everything in its path. Alter its direction with the cursor. Tornado
Totem TotemCard Affect the free will of your Followers by placing a Totem. While it's active, all your people will be compelled to approach it. Follower obedience.
Totem Capacity TotemCapacity Your Totem grows in power! Your Followers bow in awe at your greatness. Increased Totem capacity.
Volcano VolcanoCard Not yet released. Click and drag up from the land to grow a peak destroying all in its way. Once it blows its top lava will spew don the mountain melting all it touches. Volcano

Sculpting PowersEdit

These powers relate to your ability to mould the land around you as a God.

Name Card Description Ability
Cliff Sculpting 1 CliffSculpting1Card You can now drag multiple layers of terrain whilst sculpting.
Cliff Sculpting 2 CliffSculpting2Card You can now drag multiple layers of terrain whilst sculpting.
Cliff Sculpting 3 CliffSculpting3Card You can now drag multiple layers of terrain whilst sculpting.
Moving Plots MovingPlotsCard By clicking and holding you can move plots around your world. Plot Movement.
Sculpt Land Default power. Click and rag the edges of plateaus to push and pull the land. Initial layer sculpting.
Smart Sculpting SmartScultingCard Doubling-clicking left and right mouse button will push and pull larger areas of land. Advanced Sculpting.

Follower CardsEdit

These cards relate to new types of Followers that can be used in Godus.

Name Card Description Ability
Champion ChampionCard Convert all of your Followers at the Totem into a Champion warrior, who will wreak havoc on enemy Followers. Champion Follower.
Follower Clan FollowerClanCard Followers returning from battle come to live in your Homeworld.
Follower Tribe FollowerTribeCard Followers returning from battle come to live in your Homeworld.
Multiplayer Opponent MultiplayerOpponentCard Your opponent, humbled by your crushing victory, has decided to come and settle in your Homeworld.
Prayers PrayersCard Not Yet Accessible. As a god you can now see the wants and needs of your followers. Follower Prayers.
Samson SamsonCard This Samson Follower has joined your homeworld. He prefers to live in the mountains. Samson Follower
Wild Man WIldManCard The red-headed Follower has joined your Homeworld. He prefers to live in isolated Abodes. Wild Man Follower.

Building CardsEdit

These cards relate to structures you can have your Followers build.

Name Card Description Ability
Land Expansion LandExpansionCard As more Followers believe in you, your influence across the land will grow. More land to build on.
Statue of Exploration StatueofExploration Followers within radius of this statue will automatically leave their houses when it is full. Followers automatically expand.
Statue of Fertility Conjure a spark of passion into the love-life of your Followers. Clock to place this statue and those in nearby Abodes will multiply like eager rabbits. Statue of Fertility.
Statue of Speed StatueofSpeedCard Place a statue to inspire your Followers. All Followers within the radius will move at a faster rate. Statue of Speed
Temple of Happiness Remind your Followers of your godly love. Click on a plot to start construction and once Followers repair it, nearby Abodes give extra belief. Temple of Happiness.
Temple of Healing Click on a plot to inspire your Followers to build this temple there. Once it's built Followers within proximity will be blessed with good health. Temple of Healing.

Faith CardsEdit

These cards relate to boost in your amount of Faith.

Name Card Description Ability
Bronze Idol BronzeIdol As a god you are only as powerful as the Belief that is bestowed on you. 2000 Belief
Copper Idol CopperIdolCard As a god you are only as powerful as the Belief that is bestowed on you. 1000 Belief.
Golden Idol GoldenIdolCard As a god you are only as powerful as the Belief that is bestowed on you. 10000 Belief.
Platinum Idol PlatinumIdolCard As a god you are only as powerful as the Belief that is bestowed on you. 20000 Belief.
Silver Idol SilverIdol As a god you are only as powerful as the Belief that is bestowed on you. 5000 Belief.
Wooden Idol WoodenIdol As a god you are only as powerful as the Belief that is bestowed on you. 200 Belief.

Gem CardsEdit

These cards provide a boost in the amount of Gems you own.

Name Card Description Ability
Large Mineral Deposit LargeMineralDepositCard A hidden cache of gems. 30 gems.
Large Mineral Rock LargeMineralRockCard A hidden cache of gems. 10 gems.
Small Mineral Deposit SmallMineralDepositCard A hidden cache of gems. 20 gems.
Small Mineral Rock SmallMineralRockCard A hidden cache of gems. 5 gems.

Technology CardsEdit

(for full details see Technology Cards) (To Be Completed.)
Technology Cards come in various types, each one providing new benefits to your and your people.

Science CardsEdit

Name Card Description Ability
Architecture ArchitectureCard Every grain of sand, every drop of water, every leaf on every tree has significance to your Followers. Make sure to choose your plots wisely. Advanced House Details
Calendar CalendarCard Now that your Followers understand time, they will form routines for different time of day and night. Unlocks Day and Night Cycle
Cartography 10% Extra Influence Areas.
Construction Construction Card You have inspired your Followers to build permanent Abodes. These Abodes will now generate Belief for you! Mudbrick Abodes replaced. Buildings now provide Faith.
Craftsmanship CraftmanshipCard Followers have improved their construction skills and can now build more efficiently. Decreases Built Time for Abodes
Farming FarmingCard Followers from a settlement will now farm the land around it. Followers can now Farm.
Mining MiningCard Your Followers can now mine gem seams found in the land. Followers can now Mine.
Ploughs Faster Farming.
Pottery PotteryCard Early Followers cooked bread and meat over fires. The first ovens were roasting and boiling pits inside Abodes where food was covered with hot coals and ashes. Follower Health increased
Salt Farming Salt Farming on Beaches.
Shoes Increased Follower Speed
Specialized Labour More Farmers in Fields.
Terrace Farming Increased Mountain Fertility.

Faith CardsEdit

Name Card Description Ability
Commandments CommandmentsCard Followers have watched you over the development of their civilization and have started turning your actions and behavior into rules to live by. Followers now have Commandments.
Spirituality SpiritualityCard Your Followers have moved from the wilderness and have started to believe in you as a Higher Power. Followers begin to believe in you.

Society CardsEdit

Name Card Description Ability
Aesthetics Increased beauty effect of nearby trees.
Debate Increased Settlement Belief
Family FamilyCard Followers now start to live in Family units. All Abodes have increased birthrate. Increased Birth Rate
Farmhouses FarmhousesCard Larger Abodes can house more of your population and generate more Belief. Size 5 Abodes.
Felt Tents FeltTentsCard Felt tents no longer generate Belief but can contain more Followers, who will now breed faster. Size 2 Abodes.
Manors ManorsCard Larger Abodes can house more of your population and generate more Belief. Size 6 Abodes.
Mudbrick Lodges MudbrickLodgesCard Larger Abodes can house more of your population and generate more Belief. Size 3 Abodes
Politics Decreased Settlement cost.
Settlements SettlementCard Place a settlement on any plot or Abode and a town square will be created which will connect all Abodes by road. Belief from all Abodes will now collect at the Town. Unlocks Settlements
Stone Cottages StoneCottagesCard Larger Abodes can house more of your population and generate more Belief. Size 4 Abodes
Town Planning Can move Abodes.
Village Larger Settlements.

Military CardsEdit

Name Card Description Ability
Battle Hardened BattleHardenedCard Your Followers will now receive more rewards from Multiplayer Battles. Increased Multiplayer rewards.

Resource CardsEdit

(for full details see Resource Cards)
These cards are used to unlock Technology Cards allowing your Followers to move forward through time.

Name Card
Animal Fur AnimalFursCard
Candle CandleCard
Clay ClayCard
Coal CoalCard
Copper CopperCard
Felt FeltCard
Flint FlintCard
Gold GoldCard
Granite GraniteCard
Ink InkCard
Kindling KindlingCard
Leather LeatherCard
Limestone LimestoneCard
Mahogany MahoganyCard
Meat MeatCard
Metal Axe MetalAxeCard
Metal Hoe MetalHoeCard
Mud Brick MudbricksCard
Oak OakCard
Ochre OchreCard
Papyrus PapyrusCard
Pick Axe PickAxeCard
Plaster PlasterCard
Platinum PlatinumCard
Sandstone SandstoneCard
Seeds SeedsCard
Stone StoneCard
Timber TimberCard