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Gems are a somewhat secondary currency used in Godus to purchase Belief, Wheat and Sticker Packs. They can be used to instantly construct and generate belief Abodes and Settlements, as well as instantly generate Wheat Wheat in Wheat Fields. The player begins with 20 Gems.

The Player can gain Gems by ether :

  • Gems can be obtained by mining the sapphire that leads to the temples.
  • (PC version) Sacrificing Followers in the Pit Of Doom (Landmark).
  • Completing Expeditions accessed from the Dock to Events.
  • Finding them in Chests, which randomly appear around the Homeworld.
  • (Mobile version) Buying them with real money.
  • (Mobile version) Getting them from rebuilding Temple of Treasures.
  • (Mobile version) Watching advertisements.

Sadly you cannot gain a sufficient amount of gems in the mobile version without spending your own (or your parents'— Ask first!) hard earned money.

ALTHOUGH like me and many other players have experienced a very very bad glitch that has no fixes and even restarting the game does nothing, is where no matter what you do, you do not receive ANY gems at all. To know straight away if you have this problem, when the game first introduces you to gems, it will give you 20 gems to start off with. If you don't get the 20 gems..... well........ your stuffed and can't play the game :/ we don't know yet if this happens on computer but my experience with this glitch was on an iPad mini 2. Like I said, this is no fix...... so we just gotta sit tight until SOMEONE realises our depression. FYI I actually was playing the game and I had quite a bit of progress but then long story short I stuffed up real bad with happiness (because I kinda destroyed my entire civilisation with meteorites by accident) and I wanted to restart...... after the restart is when I got the glitch.