Gems are a form of currency. The player starts initially with 100 Gems, once they have been used the player can have their followers mine seams of gold in the world.

Since the v2.0 release Gems now appear as silver colored rock-like objects, often forming a trail to hidden temples. These cannot be built on, nor the land around them sculpted, but can be mined away using mining settlements.

Gem uses Edit

  • To buy Resource Cards.
  • Instantly build temples, shrines, abodes, the cost of doing so decreases the longer they have been undergoing construction by followers.
  • Constructing settlements. This is at a cost of 50 Gems initial and then 70 thereafter. During the beta release, settlements were at a cost of 100 Gems, however this has since been changed.

Patches Edit

Head of Statue

Gem vein with Buried Bust Dug Out

In the v1.2 patch, to the left of the gem vein is a Buried Statue Head. Digging to expose this will renew the gem vein after it is mined out. This was removed in v1.2.1