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God powers are the "miracles" that the player can perform.

Unlocking powers[edit | edit source]

All god powers are unlocked by acquiring the God Card of the same name.

Available powers[edit | edit source]

Power name Cost Unlocked in Description
Sculpt Land varies Primitive Age Click and drag the edges of plateaus to push and pull the land. The cost of belief varies depending on the height of the land being sculpted as well as the amount of land being changed.
Finger of God 100 Belief Primitive Age Click to directly interact with your world. Squish or flick Followers, destroy Abodes, set fire to trees, and mold rock into land.
Beautify 400/s Belief Primitive Age Drag your cursor across the land to make it blossom with beauty and inspire your Followers to populate. Do this to clean up blighted land.
Swamp 4000 Belief Primitive Age Click an area of land that is likely to be crossed by enemy Followers to turn it into a swamp that will trap them and leave blighted land.
Meteor Strike 6000 Belief Primitive Age Click and drag diagonally from the sky to send fiery Meteors down at the land, destroying all in their path.
Rain of Purity 100/s Belief Primitive Age Drag your mouse pointer across the land to rain down nurturing water. Crops and trees will grow at a faster rate and fires will be extinguished.
Holy Forest 200 Belief + 10 per use Primitive Age Click to place seeds across your land. Placing trees near adobes will increase the Belief they produce.
Comet 9000 Belief Frontier Age Blast apart Granite with special Comets. TAP & DRAG diagonally from the sky to launch these celestial projectiles.