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Godus.info URL[]


I currently have registered the url www.Godus.info I am using this url for a Godus fan site. I was intending to put together a site with lots of info about Godus, a resource for the players. However, having now seen your wiki, I am impressed. You are doing what I was trying to do, and doing it better. I would like to give you the url www.godus.info I am not trying to sell you this url. I have not long registered it, and it is paid for for the next 11 months. I am willing to redirect the url to this wiki, if you would like that. That would require certain info from you such as IP address. I will also instruct my domain provider to not renew the url so that when it is due for renewal, it will become free and you can claim it. If you know a way to transfer the domain (and cost) over to you, I would be happy to do that.

In summary, the url www.godus.info is yours if you want it. Feel free to contact me via email nicoladrew@yahoo.co.uk

Alien aka Nicola

Hi Alien, I will reply by e-mail :-) CrsBenjamin (talk) 17:45, 7 October 2013 (UTC)

Save, backup and reset[]

Hello a dev a little soft for GOdus you can Export, import the godus's saves It's not totally finish but it make a job.


Say me you commentary if you want.

(Excuse me bad English :) )

Wheat page outdated[]

The page for Wheat is outdated and refers to the old farming-system.

Splitting Pages[]

Currently the pages like Beautify is confusing and cluttered, as it both refers to the card and the spell, I propose we split them to Beautify (Power) and Beautify (Card) and have the old page Beautify redirect to Beautify (Power). XSkell (talk) 20:28, 10 August 2014 (UTC)

Reporting error[]

Error code 7002 appears stating that I'm disconnected. A button "join" appears but does not work. I'm using the downloaded application from Apple. I'm using an iPad to play the game.

The current solution to this Problem is to shut down and restart your iPad / iPhone. This should resolve the login- problem (at least it helped me)

Hundreds Of followers in minutes - Bug Or Design Flaw?[]

okay so clearly The Astrki (or however you spell it) are annoying stealing your people every time a festival occurs. So at the point when I received the finger of god I waited until the next festival and started burning down their trees. Soon nearby Anti-Me Started to catch fire spreading the fire on to others. Effectively killing them off, after the smoke had cleared I filled one of the houses with followers using gems then leashed followers to all the empty buildings including the town once they entered the town my population started to increase dramatically about 1 follower every 2 seconds without me building any more houses or using wheat. Either there's a bug with the Civilization or a design flaw where we can capture the Astrki village to early and increase our populations to the 600's

  • note- Astrki still mock my followers

Reached Astari land and do not see next beacon......[]


I've opened enough beacons and have reached the Astari land/camp. I see a lot of land that isn't opened yet and no new beacons. I am finding it very very slow to get stickers as well. To open the next area I am assuming it will depend on me opening new cards? However, said sticker issue is making it difficult to continue in the game. Any help/tips would be appreciated! Thank you! Rachel

Hello Rachel, I am currently unsure if there are any shrines within that area, what I would suggest is stock on on belief and make a copy of your game files, and start sculpting away at the land scape around the boundary to find the next beacon. From my experience in the first stages of the game there is little chance of a hidden shrine if there are no obvious markers about ground. If you are unable to find the beacon, just delete the current game files, and put the backup files in its place. DarkBladeAngel (talk) 11:28, 12 September 2014 (UTC)

Undo Completed Cards?[]

Is it possible to undo a completed god card? I do not care for the multiple layer sculpting after all... I am playing on PC.

Future content additon[]

Actually though, i was thinking of adding articles about features to be added on the future, but officially confirmed, like this one: [1]. So, how about it?

How do I use the Archers to fight the Astari? I have tried leashing them, and they die. even 3 astari against 6 of mine. it is frustrating. I am tired of using my mana.

The game has been getting worse as I get into it more. If I leave it to do something else on my iPad, I have trouble getting back into it. Sometime with luck it happens straight away, other times I try for ages. I have tried restarting the iPad. Sometimes that works. I don't want to have to do that every time. Does anyone have any suggestions.

Astari people destroyed?[]

Should this be done in the game to stop them taking your people?

I didn't do this, I think my daughter did.

Does it do any harm not having them take your people?

also, is it possible to restart your game from scratch?

Voyage of Discovery 3 stars? IMPOSSIBLE[]

On Voyage of Discovery the last one with the granite blocking from sculpting I'm stuck there where it seems IMPOSSIBLE to get 3 stars. I already have 3 stars on all of them but I just can't get past this one. Is there a way to get 3 stars on this map? If so how? I do not have ocean sculpting yet, also is there any way to get stickers any faster?