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The Homeworld is the first island or world where the player settles their followers, and where the player saved their followers (thus the name, "Homeworld").

Progression[edit | edit source]

A developed portion of the starting area of your Homeworld.
A few early settlements.

When the player launches the game, the player saves two people who will become their followers. Then a tutorial guides the player and their followers to the "Promised Land." After reaching the Promised Land, the followers will begin to create shelters.

The player is introduced to different qualities of shelters like "Abode", Cards, stickers, and Leashing. Then the player is introduced to new features that allows better interaction between the player and the virtual followers.

Then, Shrines are introduced to advance civilization faster, but makes the player's followers unhappier.

By the time the God Power card is obtained, players can now use God Powers, and others unlocked when on a certain statistic of a game. For instance, Beautify is unlocked when the player has 30 Farms.

Settlements are then introduced. It allows the player to squish together already-existing abodes, and allows those abodes to either produce builders, farmers, or miners, depending on the settlement selected. The same goes for Villages, but with much bigger radius.

When the happiness bar is introduced to the player, Divine Gifts are introduced to help defeat the Astari by happiness, during their festivals (Everyday on iOS & Android, every hour on PC & MAC). When the player's followers are happier, Astari will be converted into followers of the player's, and vice versa if the Astari are happier than the player's followers.

Beacons of Expansion are required to increase the amount of land the player's followers can settle upon, otherwise known as Influence. Expansions usually introduce the player to special ready-made buildings, like the Voyage of Discovery, Astariville, and the PC exclusive, Pit of Doom. After one last expansion in the Homeworld, the player can allow their followers to repair the Astari's ruined Ark, and venture to Wayworld, with new features, but more challenging civilization.

As Developers stated the Homeland is sculpted to offer the player ideas in the some good ways to expand and also supplement the player's abodes and followers.