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Plots are areas of land upon which followers can build Abodes, Fields, or Mines. They are marked by light gray brackets.


Plots can occur on any surface of terrain, as long as their prerequisite god cards are completed

Creating Plots[edit | edit source]

Sculpting a flat surface creates a plot

Plots are created automatically on clear, unobstructed land. When a plot is created, a number appears in the upper-lefthand corner corresponding to the size of abode that can be built on it.

In Weyworld, Fields can only be placed on green-colored Verdant Land, and Mines can only be placed on dark-colored Rugged Land.

Plot Size[edit | edit source]

You can only create plots as large as the largest abode you have unlocked for that terrain, and as small as the smallest abode you have unlocked for that terrain. Plots of intermediate size will be given the rank of the largest unlocked abode smaller than the actual plot size.

On Weyworld terrain no longer matters, and plots of any size can be built on any terrain.

Plot Size
Build Cost
Build Cost
Field Mine
1 4 X 4 1 Wheat 9 Wheat Shelter, Beach Hut Grass Hut none Frontier Hut Small Wheat Field Small Mine
2 5 X 5 2 Wheat 12 Wheat Beach Cabin Grass Cabin none Frontier Cabin Wheat Field Mine
3 7 X 7 6 Wheat 18 Wheat Beach Lodge Grass Lodge Mountain Lodge Frontier Cottage Medium Wheat Field Medium Mine
4 9 X 9 12 Wheat 24 Wheat none Grass Cottage Mountain Cottage Frontier Lodge Large Wheat Field Large Mine
5 11 X 11 16 Wheat 36 Wheat none none Mountain Farmhouse Frontier Farmhouse Huge Wheat Field Huge Mine
6 12 x 12 24 Wheat 50 Wheat none none Mountain Manor Frontier Manor Wheat Plain Really Huge Mine