Primitive Age

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The Primitive Age is the starting age for your civilization.

Description[edit | edit source]

At the start of the Primitive Age, the Followers have moved from the wilderness and started to come together to live in permanent Abodes. By using basic tools, forming simple communities and expanding their population, the followers become ever more advanced. They look for a suitible land to settle into.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Gameplay in the Primitive Age primarily centers around raising your population by clearing land for your Followers to build more Abodes. Most of your Advance Cards are acquired by reaching various population milestones. Early in the age, it is also responsible for expanding your influence by granting Land Expansion cards, but later these cards are acquired by restoring Shrines of Expansion.

For majority of this stage, your population and followers will be in the beach. Finding chests to acquire sufficient Resource Stickers, previously Resource Cards, is also an important part of this age. In the previous versions the first ten battle of the Mount of the Gods event become available upon restoring the Temple of Battles, both of which the battles and temple has been removed. Voyage of Discovery and Voyages replace this feature, offering similar items, with the only exception being there is no A.I. to compete against other than Champions which attack your followers upon seeing them.

Periods[edit | edit source]

Period Advance Cards
Establishment Period Spirituality, Felt Tents, Construction, and Commandments
Growth Period Settlements, Mudbrick Lodges, Calendar, and Family
Expansion Period Stone Cottages, Pottery, Mining, and Architecture
Conquest Period Farmhouses, Manors, Craftsmanship, and Battle Hardened