Various Stickers


Stickers are the replacements of the Resource Cards that have so far been used in Godus to unlock new Advance Cards in the Timeline

They were added after the release of v.2.0.0

For now there are five different types of stickers, each has its own small symbol at the top left of the Sticker.


There are five types of Advance Cards which require their corresponding stickers to be unlocked:

Type Colour Sticker Image
God Pink God
Industry Orange Industry
Construction Green Construction
Social Blue Social
Exploration Khaki Exploration

Some Stickers contain multiple attributes meaning they can be used on several more cards than those with one attribute.

The android and ios version not includes exploration stickers and exploration advance cards.

How To Get Them[]

There are currently 4 ways to obtain stickers:

List Of Stickers[]



Name Primary Value
Stone Tools 1 Construction
Wooden Carving 1 God
Animal Furs 1 Social

Bronze Age[]

Name Primary Value Secondary Value
Timber 2 Construction 1 Industry
Bronze Tools 2 Construction 1 Social
Prayer Beads 2 God 1 Social
Smoked Meat 2 Social 1 Industry
Felt 2 Social 1 Construction
Ink 2 Industry 1 God
Clay Pots 2 Industry 1 Construction
Star Chart 2 Exploration 1 God

Iron Age[]

Name Primary Value Secondary Value
Stone Bricks 3 Construction 2 Industry
Iron Tools 3 Construction 2 Social
Incense 3 God 2 Social
Tea Leaves 3 Social 2 Industry
Cotton 3 Social 2 Construction
Papyrus 3 Industry 2 God
Gold Coins 3 Industry 2 Construction
Celestial Map 3 Exploration 2 God

Frontier Age[]

Name Primary Value Secondary Value
Marble Tiles 4 Construction 3 Industry
Bronze Statue 4 God 3 Social
Cooking Tools 4 Construction 3 Social
Sugar 4 Social 3 Industry
Fabric Dye 4 Social 3 Construction
Parchment 4 Industry 3 God
Gold Ring 4 Industry 3 Construction


These will instantly unlock one Advance Card.

currently, Core of Exploration is unimplemented proper, as it is seen as core of Dwelling.

currently, Core of Exploration is unimplemented proper, as it is seen as core of Dwellingk
Name Primary Value
Core of Culture Social
Core of Dwelling Construction
Core of Faith God
Core of Industry Industry
Core of Exploration Exploration