Cost: varies
Unlocked in: varies

A Farming Settlement, One of the Many Build-able Settlements in Godus

Settlement is a god power that enables the player to compress all Abodes in an area into one big building. Belief can then be collected at one central point and space is freed up for more Abodes.


Farming Builder Mining Military
3000 Belief 5000 Belief 7500 Belief 7500 Belief


After the first one, further Settelment will cost more and more Belief points.


Clicking on the Large hand will reveal the Godus abilities tabs

Settlements are needed to advance your civilization. Creating settlements will produce specialty Followers that will help create special Resources you need to build new abodes.

Without settlements you would be unable to create any Resources such as Wheat or Ore.

Settlements are also good for preserving space in your Homeworld by having the buildings overlap on top of each other so you have more room to create more things in your world.


Settlements are found in the 'Settlements' tab in the bottom left corner of your screen. An option of six different collaboration types will appear, three are settlements, and three are villages.

Select the settlement you want from the list, after doing this a ring will appear in your homeworld. This ring is used to show which Abodes will be included in the settlement.

Clicking the preview button will show you how the settlement will appear after bunching the Abodes together. Clicking Squish it! will lock the Abodes in place.


Repeatedly previewing the settlement can have the settlement show up in different designs and layouts

Settlements can also be added to already existing settlements, just include the original settlement in you settlement ring during creation.

Doing this is a good way to have a very dense high population area, while taking up as little space as possible. There is a limit to this however. A notification appears informing the player that "This settlement has reached its maximum size. Try to create more space around it". Smaller abodes will yield a far greater population at max size than their larger counterparts.


Including a settlement in the ring will simply add stray abodes onto the settlement

Specialty Followers[]

Each settlement has its own specific type of new Follower that is created when first making the settlement. The type of Follower you get is determined by the settlement type you chose.

The Farming Settlement will give you Farmers, the Builder Settlement will give you Builders, and the Mining Settlement will give you Miners.

Releasing followers from settlements is the same as releasing them from Abodes. Simply click on the settlement if there is a worker icon above the settlement, and that settlement's specialty worker will spawn and create their specialty building on any empty Plot within the settlement's radius.

Settlements can also be Leashed to make the Specialty Worker travel greater distances.
The specialty followers pop cap per settlement is determined by the number of breeders. 1 special for every 10 breeders. Adding a Shine of Capacity will increase specialty capacity of settlements in its area of effect.

Specialty followers take longer to be bred.

Type of Follower Time per Follower
Farmer 30 Minutes
Miner 1 Hour



A farming Settlement

Farmers use fields to collect wheat

The Farming Settlement is unlocked in the Primitive Age and generates FarmersFarmer which can be used to collect Wheat Wheat

When a settlement is ready to send out a Farmer an icon will appear above the settlement that is similar to when an abode is able to construct on a nearby Plot.

Farming Settlements have a different icon; a green follower with a pitchfork. Clicking on the settlement will send out the Farmer.


A farming settlement can help build a bolstering civilization.


Concept art of a Farming Settlement.

Cards and buildings that are unlocked with farming settlements[]

Card # Name Unlock Requirement Number of Stickers
14 Super Fast Building 2 Field Unknown God
16 Rain of Purity 5 Field Unkown God
18 Larger Abodes 8 Field 18 Construction
21 Builder's Settlement 12 Field 18 Industry
23 Fitter Followers 20 Field 18 Social
27 Beautify 30 Field Unknown God
29 Longer Leash 50 Field Unknown God
32 Luxury Abodes 75 Field Uknown Construction
40 Premium Ship 130 Field Uknown Exploration
Rank Name Size Wheat Yield Growth Time
1 Small Wheat Field 1 1 Wheat 1h
2 Wheat Field 2 2 Wheat 1h30m
3 Medium Wheat Field 3 4 Wheat 2h30m
4 Large Wheat Field 4 8 Wheat 4h
5 Huge Wheat Field 5 ? Wheat 4h
6 Wheat Plain 5 16 Wheat 4h


A Builder Settlement

The Builder Settlement is unlocked in the Proficiency part of the Bronze Age and generates BuildersBuilder. Builder settlements allow Abodes to be conglomerated into a settlement and the resulting free space surrounding the settlement can be built up on and further compressed into a bigger Builder Settlement.


A Mining Settlement

Miners use mines to collect ore

The Mining Settlement is unlocked in the Industry part of the Bronze Age and generates MinersMiner which can be used to collect OreOre

When a settlement is ready to send out a Miner an icon will appear above the settlement that is similar to when an abode is able to construct on a nearby Plot.

Mining Settlements have a different icon; a grey follower with a pickaxe. Clicking on the settlement will send out the Miner.


Concept art of a mining settlement

Cards and buildings that are unlocked with mining settlements[]

Card # Name Unlock Requirement Number of Stickers
34 Reinforced Beacons 2 Mine Unknown Social
37 Booming Agriculture 5 Mine Unknown Industry
38 Advanced Farming 8 Mine Unknown Industry
41 Mine For Gems 12 Mine Unknown Industry
42 Huge Stone Residence 20 Mine Unknown Construction
44 Builder Village 30 Mine Unknown Industry
45 Prime Vessel 50 Mine Unknown Exploration
47 Enormous Property 100 Mine Unknown Construction
49 Mining Villages 150 Mine Unknown Industry
Rank Name Size Ore Yield Excavation Time
1 Small Mine 1 1 Ore -
2 Mine 2 2 Ore -
3 Medium Mine 3 4 Ore 6h
4 Large Mine 4 6 Ore -
5 Huge Mine 5 8 Ore
6 Really Huge Mine 6 16 Ore 12h


This type of settlement doesn't exist anymore

A Military Settlement


Prior to version 2.1, the Settlement god power placed a statue where Belief could be collected for a certain area and connected Abodes in that area via roads. It also allowed for Followers in the area to be be assigned one of three jobs: Breeder, Farmer, and Buffer.