Settlements can be built after unlocking the Settlements Card which is automatically given upon reaching the Growth Period having to be placed onto an empty plot or on a current Abode. The houses within its border are not damaged by storms once they begin after Farming is discovered.

Right clicking on the Settlement town square will show how long until the next amount of Faith can be collected, how long until a new Follower spawns as well as the total amount of wheat and population within its borders.

Construction of SettlementsEdit

There are different conditions so far in the game to construct Settlements, initially these being differing amount of faith that start at 2000, then 7500 and finally 10,000. After this the player uses Gems to found more Settlements at first costing 50 gems then 70 thereafter.

In the original beta the cost of Settlements was 100 gems.

Changes caused by Settlements.Edit

  • Abodes become two stories doubling the population inside except size one abodes. Roads form between the buildings and all Faith from buildings can be collected at once from the town square.
  • Followers will run into their homes in fear if you sculpt the land near them.
  • Flags no longer appear over every Abode, one flag in village square which now sends out followers.
  • Natural circular border to it anything outside of it does not become part of the Settlement.
  • Can rename by clicking on 'Town' typing in its new name and pressing enter.

Once Farming DiscoveredEdit

  • Once Farming is discovered, any Followers spawned from the village square will be farmers and will build fields on empty plots.