Stickers are the replacement of the Resource Cards that have so far been used in Godus to unlock new Technology Cards.

They were finally revealed after the release of v.2.0.

So far there seem to be four different types of stickers, each denoted by the small symbol at the top left of the Stickers. These types being God GodType, Industry Industry Type, Social SocialType and Construction ConstructionType.

Some Stickers contain multiple attributes meaning they can be used on several more cards than those with one attribute.

Sticker Name
StickerAnimalFur Animal Furs
StickerClayPots Clay Pots
StickerInk Ink
StickerMeat Meat
StickerMetalHoe Metal Hoe
StickerMudBricks Mudbricks
StickerOchre Ochre
StickerSeeds Seeds
StickerStarChart Star Charts
StickerStoneTools Stone Tools
StickerWoodCarving Wood Carvings

Prior to v.2.0.3Edit

  • These Stickers were in GODUS up until v2.0.3
Sticker Name
StickerFelt Felt
StickerPrayerBeads Prayer Beads
StickerTimber Timber