The Timeline is the way by which players unlock Advance Cards and progress through the game. Players must use Stickers to complete the Advance Cards.

The current version of the Timeline.



The current Timeline has a movable row of cards on the top part of the screen, which are the locked Advance Cards, and another set of static cards on the bottom part of the screen, which are the available Advance Cards. On the top, the Timeline tells you the resources you need (people, wheat, ore, etc.) to unlock the Advance Cards. On the bottom, the available Advance Cards are shown with the percentage completion on the card. Below the available Advance Cards are the Stickers the player has available along with the number of each Sticker.


The scrapbook icon in the upper left corner

Pages for a period

Collection pages showing acquired cards

The scrapbook was the precursor to the current Timeline and was used up to version 1.4, when the Timeline was introduced. It was a book that documented a player's progress and acquired cards in a pop-up book, which could be opened by clicking an icon on the top-right of the screen.

It was organized into sections by period:

  • The first page of each period described the Commandments if the civilization has progressed past that period.
  • The next page showed the Advance Cards acquired for the period and if whether they were unlocked. For locked cards that are acquired, it showed what Resource Cards were needed to unlock them.
  • The rest of the section was one or more "collection" pages that showed the God Cards and Resource Cards acquired. Players could also buy Resource Cards with Gems provided the player had acquired at least one of that card by another method.

While each card showed up in a particular section, note that this didn't necessarily mean that the card would be acquired during that period nor did it mean the card would only be useful during that period. Players could unlock Advance Cards for future periods as well.