Wheat Wheat is a consumable item, collected from farms, and used for building buildings.

The wheat counter below the population counter


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After acquiring and creating the farming settlement, it will start producing farmers Farmer, of which will either create a Farm plot Field, or work on an already-existing one. Depending on the Farm size, the wheat will take time to grow. Then, it can be collected. Leashing can be used for easier collection.

The same can be done for Farming villages.


Wheat, after unlocking, is then needed for creating Abodes. The bigger the abode, the more wheat is needed. Thus, wheat is then essential, and bigger farm plots are more needed.

Wheat can also be used to re-energize tired followers. Simply select the desired tired follower, click on the boost button, and the follower will instantly be energized.

Original Mechanics[]

Collecting Wheat is the primary means of acquiring Advance Cards during the Bronze Age. A secondary counter will be unlocked (under the population bar) showing wheat after unlocking the Farming Advance Card, which also unlocks the farming mechanics required in order to collect Wheat.

To begin farming, after it is unlocked, clear plots near a settlement. Then release Farmers from the settlement, who will plant a field of crops upon reaching the plots. Farmers will only work during the day. They will carry harvested wheat back to the settlement, where it will be added to your supply. As farmers build more farming plots, cards will be unlocked in the timeline in the same manner that population unlocks cards in the timeline.

One supply of wheat is required to build an abode, once all wheat in the current supply is used. More farms are required before more abodes can be built. Size 2 wheat farm giving 2 supplies of wheat etc.

Wheat is also used to create new houses after unlocked therefore it is advisable to construct all houses needed before unlocking it.